Best Practices

College Student’s Savings Bank

Bank of St Theresa an adventurous venture undertaken by the B.Com students.


  • To impart managerial skills to B.Com students.
  • To give work experience along with the course.
  • To inculcate the habit of saving among students.
  • To provide financial assistance in times of urgency.
  • To give the experience of the behaviour of different kinds of customers.
  • A team of 20 students formed in to a committee and designed the entire programme with the help of lecturers. In the first stage 8 students were selected to take various responsibilities and all other students worked for one week.

Students Cooperative Departmental Stores
(By the students for the students)

Students Cooperative Departmental Stores was started during 2013-14, to give practical business skills to the students

Cottage Industry under KOWSAL Programme of the college


III B.Com students as a part of skill development programme started a cottage industry  f making herbal hair oil, Sukesi and marketed around 200 sample bottles successfully during 2015-16

                                            Lekhini Greeting Cards

Final year B.Com students prepared greeting Cards to market commercially and conducted an exhibition of it.

                                                       Best. COM

For the first time in the college the department published a small journal on GK with three  issues. The students were able to market 1000 copies each.

Commerce Department Library

To impart managerial skills and to inculcate reading habit among students the Commerce Department Library was established in 1999 with 40 books donated by lacturers and some students. Today there are around 800 commerce books, 200 general study books 150 fiction and 500 projects and other books.

                                                 Digital Library

The department started Digital Library in the Department library to make it more convenient.

  • Lessons
  • PPTs of staff
  • Study material
  • Links
  • E-resources
  • Questions

                   SATHE, Students Association of Theresian Help and Extension 

SATHE is the Service Club of Commerce Department. SATHE was inaugurated during 2015-16. This is an association formed with old students and final year students of B.Com. Some ret. And working lecturers also became the members of SATHE


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